QUBAN aims to promote interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers in the Schools of Biology and Medicine, Dentistry & Biomedical Sciences, who work on antimicrobial resistance with researchers from Engineering, Physical Sciences and Pharmacy (EPSP) who have access to novel approaches and expertise in techniques that could be exploited in AMR research.

The activities of QUBAN are aimed at building the network itself, which will allow new ideas to be created, and then supporting early proof-of-principle studies to bring the ideas to the point where they can justify further support through conventional funding mechanisms.

The QUBAN Network

At present, QUBAN consists of a number of key academics from Queen's University, with these people occupying two main groups: Investigators and the Steering Committee.

Investigators (please click for researcher profile):

Prof Steven Bell (CCE)

Prof Jose Bengoechea (MDBS)

Prof Colin McCoy (Pharmacy)

Prof Stuart Elborn (MDBS)

Prof W. Graham (Mathematic and Physics)

Professor Fraser Buchanan (School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

Prof Brendan Gilmore (Pharmacy)

Steering Committee (please click for researcher profile):

Prof James McElnay (PVC for Research, QUB)

Prof Rafael Canton (University Hospital Ramon y Cajal, Spain)

Prof Duncan Graham (Centre for Molecular Nanometrology, Strathclyde)

Prof Chris Hardacre (Head of School, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, QUB)

Mechanisms for Research

In order to facilitate and encourage research into this area, QUBAN seeks to carry out the following:

- “Sandpit” brainstorming events in September 2015 and August 2016, and associated calls for proposals closing one month after each event (expected to fund three six-month PDRA positions for proof-of-principle studies per event, in addition to two PhD studentships.

- Small grants fund with an open call for smaller projects (<£2k). Possible projected uses of such funding include buying out laboratory supervision time to faciliate grant further grant application, travel, and purchase of small items of equipment for short feasibility experiments in the laboratories of other researchers within QUBAN.

- Dragon’s Den event for PDRAs, providiing funding for approx. one month to give space to develop ideas for future EPSRC/ERC fellowship applications.

- PhD student conference

- Short (three-month in duration) discipline-hopping visits for PhD students, providing funding to cover stipend during visit to laboratories in other Schools/Faculties.

- Seminar programme

- Support for International Conference 2016


For more information on QUBAN, please check this website for further updates, or get in touch via the Contact Us page.