New QUBAN Event - NI AMR Network – "Focus on Pharmacy"

The “Focus on Pharmacy” workshop has been designed to facilitate networking and discussion of medicines management, alternatives to antibiotics and rapid diagnostics. The pressing need for solutions in this area is reinforced by the recent UK Government funded Review on Antimicrobial Resistance. Attendees will also hear of new AMR funding initiatives such as Longitude Discovery Awards, the Joint UK Research Council Initiative on AMR and the Agri-Food Competence Centre. 

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QUBAN Seminar Series

The QUBAN seminar series will feature eminent academics from varied fields, whose work focusses on the development of antimicrobial technologies.

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NERC - Announcement of Opportunity: Research Grant Outlines

The NERC, in conjunction with the MRC and BBSRC has announced an opportunity for funding as part of its "AMR in the Real World" programme.

The programme will support two types of award; larger research grants and smaller, more focused, pump priming grants. This Announcement of Opportunity is for an outline stage for research grants which can be up to £1.5m (100% FEC) per project and up to four years' duration. The call for pump priming grants will follow in due course.

A town meeting, where applicants can discuss their proposals with the funders and potential collaborators and end users will be held in London on 11 September 2015.

For more information on this event, and the requirements to attend, please vist the NERC webpage for the announcement here.

QUBAN Launch Event - 19th June 2015

The Queen's University Belfast Antimicrobial Network (QUBAN) was launched on Friday the 19th of June at the David Keir Building, Queen's University Belfast.

The event included a presentation from Professor Kim Lewis, from the Antimicrobial Discovery Center at Northeastern University, Boston. Professor Lewis, a Fellow of the American Society of Microbiology, obtained his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Moscow University in 1980, and has been on the Faculty of MIT, University of Maryland, and Tufts University prior to taking up his post at Northeastern University. Prof Lewis has authored over 100 papers and is an inventor on several patents. His more notable findings include the discovery of synergistically-acting antimicrobials in medicinal plants; a general method to grow previously “unculturable” bacteria that make up >99% of biodiversity on the planet, the discovery of the culprit of recalcitrant biofilm infections, drug-tolerant persister cells; and a therapeutic for sterilizing biofilms. 

During the event, Prof Lewis delivered an address entitled "The Quest for Novel Antibiotics", and was joined by academics from Queen's University, including Prof David Jones (PVC Education and Students), Prof Jose Benechoega, and Prof Steven Bell. The event also included a poster session, collecting researchers together from across the University who are involved in the prevention of antimicrobial resistance.

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